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MiamiWatches.Net is a market place for fashion brand name accessories.

We source 1st choice & top quality merchandise only. Products are brand new, delivered in original packaging, including factory warranty, booklets, hang-tags, labels and bar-codes.

We Ship Worlwide.

We are in a position to offer all our products to resellers and businesses as well. Minimum Order Quantites applies in this case.


Our B2B Customers consist of Shops & outlets, as well as other E-commerce websites.
Mostly small and medium size fashion businesses worldwide.


MiamiWatches.Net has an audiance of 1500+ registered B2B members,in more than 60 countries:

    - North America.
    - Centeral and South America
    - Western Europe.
    - Eastern Europe.
    - Persian Gulf & Asia.
    - Western & South Africa.
    - Australia & Pacific.

Our Services:
We provide our customers with real value-added services to help them grow their businesses, and to facilitate their process of buying stock of brand name products:


    - Online Wholesale Shop.
    - Worldwide delivery in 24-48h.
    - High quality pictures.



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Sales & Marketing:

Business Development & Partnerships: